Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Touching feet - Respect?

The question mark in the headline is a deliberate one and is also the topic of discussion today.

From my younger days I have been averse to touching people’s feet. In the teens it was labelled ‘rebellious’ But, I sure did know it wasn’t. I just didn’t like the idea. And I also declared that touching someone’s feet doesn’t ensure that I really respect that person. Anyways days passed and I kind of put my guards down. Eventually, I just did it as a physical exercise. There was no point discussing it with anyone because somehow no one seemed to understand.

On and off, I would discuss this topic with others and somehow most people seemed to have no problem doing it. Then came along my good friend google. I googled for any information on this tradition. Few things came up:

Friday, 16 September 2016

My Krishna collection

Krishna means different things to different people. To me it symbolises an infinite love energy.  It encourages self love. I am an ardent Krishna fan and all things associated with him namely peacock feather, lotus and shells. I have few good collections of the Krishna idols. 

So presenting a picture heavy blog after a long time. Brass and wood are my favourite combination and that is exactly what you will feast your eyes on. 

Above: a collage of my Krishna collection

Scroll down enjoy and do leave comments below. 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Independence day celebrations

This comes a little after Independence day celebrations, strategically so, only when people have forgotten all about this day.

Until I was in college, I would look up to the independence and republic day celebrations. Participation in singing and other activities was fun in more than one way. For starters practice meant no need to attend lectures for a few days just before the actual day. There would be so much fun and masti just being with friends from our own and other classes. Full time pass in the name of practice, lots to eat because we had many breaks. On the day we were the important set of students that the crowd would look at. Running around looking busy was just a fad then I guess.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Too much time on hand!

Before becoming a parent I was not so social. General chit chat with someone didn’t really interest me. But well things change after one becomes a parent. The other parents become our friends and child related events namely play dates or birthday parties become our idea of socialisation. No I am not excited; I am just about recovering from this shock. You can’t beat them join them.

Looking at the brighter side, I get a lot of insight into human relations, expectation from child/spouse etc. from these interactions. I learn most of my parenting lessons or shocks from other parents. More shocks than lessons in fact. My ideas of parenting don’t really fit the ‘norm’.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Whose career is it anyways?

I often hear parents saying that it’s a competitive world. Choice of career and getting into a good stream is tough etc. In this light they pressurise the children as early as 5th grade. This takes a toll on not just the children but also the entire family. People have a restrictive vision when it comes to career choice, say medicine, engineering, MBA etc. Of late I have come across so many parents talking of career counselling, aptitude test etc. for children as young as 10 years. It completely scares me and makes me wonder if these kids have a childhood at all. First there was the craze of medical and engineering entrance, then came along the IIMs and IITs followed by the latest integrated college; and now the baap of all coaching for the admissions into integrated college. This coaching happens for the children of about 6th or 7th grade!

Have we all gone completely nuts? We expect the child to be a super human; go to school, do the school homework, take school tests and also coaching to get into a goddamn integrated college whose future is not really known to many. This not just takes a toll on the kid’s health but I think we are putting together a production unit of zombies!